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Department of Terahertz Photonics


The Terahertz Photonics group (TPG) headed by Prof. Thomas Schneider is dedicated to integrated photonics, nonlinear optical sensing and signal processing like stimulated Brillouin scattering for next-gen optical communication. The group has successfully demonstrated optical sensing and nonlinear optical signal processing for several RF/microwave applications based on stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). Currently, the group is working with other project partners on photonics enabled Nyquist engine, high-speed optical digital to analog converter (DAC) and ultra-wideband optical sampler for high-speed optical communication and metrology purposes.

In the Meteracom project, the Terahertz Photonics group will work on metrology for high-bandwidth sampling systems to develop a wide-band sampling metrology and provide an exact as possible definition of the difference between ideal and practical sampling. Additionally, it should allow the comparison of THz-communication sampling systems.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Thomas Schneider
Within the Meteracom project Prof. Dr.-Ing. Schneider is working on the characterization of the measurement equipment (Project Area A) and the metrological charactersation of the RF components (Project Area B). He is involved in the projects High-bandwidth Sampling (A3) and Ultrawideband Sampling (B3).
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